Is your heating not running as hot as it used to? Book KT Gas to come and power flush your heating system with our Kamico Powerflush machines, or we can fit Magnaclean filtration systems to improve the efficiency and lifespan of your system.

Power Flushing

Radiators not getting hot? Boiler keeps breaking? Or maybe your gas bills are too high. A dirty system can be the cause of all of these symptoms and more. A powerflush could be the answer to your problems.

Gas Safety Certificates

Are you a professional landlord or just letting out your old flat? Regardless of the scale of your property portfolio you need an annual gas safety certificate by law. Book KT Gas for all your landlord gas safety requirements.

Magnaclean Installation

A simple idea we all wish we thought of - a Magnaclean is a powerful magnet-based filter that protect your boiler and heating system from metallic corrosion and particulate.

Water Softener Installation

Is limescale a problem? We can put a stop to this by fitting a water softener. This will keep your taps shiny and your washing and dishwasher machines limescale-free for longer, increasing their performance and endurance.